Online Personalised Supplement Assessment Programme

“Vitamin and mineral deficiencies”

Problems such as lack of energy, insomnia,headaches, depression, mood swings, anxiety, easy bruising, bleeding gums, slow wound healing etc. can be traced directly to deficiencies in specific vitamins and minerals. This test, which can be completed online, is designed to detect any such deficiencies you may have and generates a detailed report recommending a three month supplement programme of the specific vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids you may need to take, and in what quantities, in order to address these deficiencies and help bring your body back into balance and optimum health. The report also includes nutritional guidelines to help you know what foods you should avoid and what foods are beneficial in order for you to achieve and maintain maximum health.

So if you want to know what vitamins and minerals you need to take and have a personalised supplement programme designed specifically for yourself, then this would be a good test for you to take.

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