Fat Around The Middle – How To Get Rid Of That Bulge For Good

If you’ve hit a dead-end with belly fat you’ve come to the right place. Join Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD for this transformative live webinar and find out how you can support your body to burn fat (particularly belly fat), lose weight and boost your metabolism.

Fat around your middle is dangerous and has been linked to many conditions including:

  • Cancer (especially breast cancer)
  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure

So, don’t ignore it. Find out why your body is storing belly fat, why it seems harder to get rid of it there, and how you can change the message so that it stops storing fat around your middle.

And recent research has shown that the risk of having severe COVID-19 is increased by having fat around your middle.  Fat tissue is a reservoir of low-grade inflammation and if someone is infected with the virus there can be excessive swelling and inflammation causing what is called a cytokine storm which can be fatal.

Also having a bigger belly when you lie down pushes your diaphragm upwards, reducing your lung volume and makes breathing more difficult.  And we know that having good lung function is important for battling the coronavirus.

During this webinar, you’ll discover what to eat and what to avoid, and how certain nutrients can help improve your metabolism, help you lose weight, and change your shape.

You will get lots of practical support to help you on your way: Helen Ford, my head nutritionist will inspire you with a cooking demonstration with nourishing whole foods to balance your blood sugar and blitz cravings. You will get recipes to help you continue to recreate delicious meals and snacks after the webinar.

If you’ve tried and failed to shift belly fat in the past, this webinar is for you. You’ll get expert advice to transform your shape and your health.  There will also be time for questions if you have individual concerns.

Remember, this isn’t just about appearances and how well your clothes fit, this is about safeguarding your future health. Take the first step towards vibrant wellbeing today.

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