Helping you to successfully conceive…

Dr Marilyn Glenville’s clinics in London and Tunbridge Wells and Dublin use a completely integrated approach to infertility and miscarriage. You have access to the best of both worlds, the best in nutritional and also conventional medicine.

Depending on your problem and whether you have already had investigative tests, you may be referred for additional tests these are detailed below:

  •   Ultrasound cycle monitoring – so that by the end of six weeks you would know your fertility status.
  •   Fallopian tube check – to see if your tubes are open
  •   Hormone testing – to check the levels of specific hormones that are important in infertility and miscarriage, including FSH, LH, oestrogen, prolactin, progesterone and thyroid function
  •   Check for ovarian reserve (ovarian ageing) – to check how many eggs are left to understand how close you are to the menopause
  •   Detailed semen analysis – to check for sperm count, motility, abnormal sperm, agglutination (sperm clumping) and sperm antibodies
  •   Infection check for both you are your partner – particularly important if you have experienced miscarriages
  •   DNA sperm fragmentation test – to check whether the DNA of the sperm is breaking down which can be an important factor in unexplained infertility, low fertilisation rates in IVF, poor embryo quality, implantation failure after IVF and recurrent miscarriage.
  •   Blood clotting problems for miscarriage

The time frame is critical for infertility and miscarriage as it takes nearly three months for the egg to mature ready for ovulation and sperm three months to develop

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