What our clients say:

“Thank you for giving me my waist back” http://www.fabafterfifty.co.uk/2011/02/01/thank-you-for-giving-me-my-waist-back-review-of-fat-around-the-middle/

“I have been looking after my health with help from Dr. Glenville for many years. However, I would point out that there appears to be a dearth of information for the over 60’s. I would like to continue learning with Dr. Glenville as I have discovered that there is indeed life after the menopause.” – Marie

“I would just like to let you know that I have been following the ‘lose your belly’ plan for two weeks now with great success. Not only have I lost weight and my flattened my belly, but I notice a big difference in my skin and hair. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” – Irene

“I have not felt healthy in almost 20 years. I am healthier, no longer hungry all the time, have lots of energy and feel more optimistic than I have in years. I feel like a new woman, I have lost inches of weight and discovered a love of exercise all through your teachings. Thank you so much.” – Mary

“I am the lady with high FSH (50+, age 41) who had a baby following your diet, after being told I had a less than 1 per cent chance of conceiving. My husband and I want to pass on our heartfelt thanks to you for helping to bring our baby son into the world. We really cannot thank you enough for the tremendous difference you have made to our lives in helping this ‘high FSH’ lady have a baby, so long hoped for.” – Heather

“Just sending you this note of thanks. After a hair mineral test for both of us, you devised an eating plan of vitamins and minerals that we needed. Since then we had ICSI treatment and had a little girl. After her birth, I followed your programme again because I wanted another baby. This time we conceived naturally. So thank you very much for all your help. We would not be a family without your help. I am positive that with your help ICSI worked for us the first time, so thank you for that too.” – Susan

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