I get stomach cramps just after lunch, but only when I’m at work – could this be stress-related?

I think it is definitely stress related.  When your body is under stress, the energy necessary for digestion is diverted elsewhere so your body can concentrate on saving your life.  This means that your levels of stomach acid and digestive enzymes will be lower than they should be.  So if you are eating on the run, grabbing a sandwich at lunchtime but still working at your desk or rushing off to meet someone and eating the sandwich on the way, then you won’t digest that food properly and you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable.

People are worried about taking time to eat because they feel it gives a negative impression to their bosses.  They can then end up with heartburn, stomach cramps and feeling bloated. 

But it is important that you take time to eat, chew well and this also means that you will absorb more nutrients from your lunch as your digestive system will be working more efficiently.