Natural Solutions To The Menopause And Prevention Of Osteoporosis

The menopause doesn’t have to be miserable. It is a natural life stage in your life and with the right support you can navigate it comfortably. Book yourself on to Dr Marilyn Glenville’s live menopause webinar and get expert and practical advice to restore your energy and vitality.

Are you concerned about any of the following right now?

  • Raging hot sweats, day and night (like you want to rip all of your clothes off and roll in snow)
  • Inexplicable fatigue
  • Mood swings like it’s PMS all over again
  • Headaches
  • Loss of libido, not helped by vaginal dryness
  • Worried about osteoporosis
  • HRT. Yes or no?
  • If not HRT, then is there anything you can take which might alleviate your symptoms?
  • What are bio-identical hormones and are they a good thing or not?
  • Soya. Is it good or bad to eat?

Discover how Dr Glenville’s popular plan can help you balance your hormones and restore feelings of wellbeing and vitality. You’ll learn how food, supplements and lifestyle can open the door to optimal health.

Head nutritionist Helen Ford will run a cooking demonstration so you will be inspired to create delicious meals and snacks to nourish your hormones and support your health. You’ll gain lots of recipes and practical tips to stay on track.

This webinar is going to be informative and empowering. You will be supported to take control of your health during this crucial time of your life. You are just one click away from a healthier and more comfortable menopause. You will also learn how to protect yourself from diseases of ageing including the ‘silent killer’, osteoporosis.

You can now live 30 to 50 years past the menopause, so you want to live that with a good quality and quantity of years.  It is now being suggested that ‘healthspan’ is more important than ‘lifespan’ so it important what you do now to protect yourself for the future.

There will be time for questions if you have any personal concerns.

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