Helping You to Stay Healthy And Support Your Immune System In These Uncertain Times

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Your immune health has never been so important during these unprecedented times and to help support your health and wellbeing here at the Glenville Nutrition Clinic we are now offering a 30 minute remote consultation in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like a 1-2-1 personal consultation on how to improve your immune health, you can now book a telephone or Skype consultation with one of my team of highly qualified nutritionists to help you maintain good health through these troubled times. 

During your consultation you will learn what to eat and which supplements to take and how to take a more proactive approach to your immune health to keep you strong and well.

You may not be feeling 100% at the moment and also concerned about how to support your immune health. 

Or you may have been thinking about getting help for your general health for a while but not had the time to do it.

Now would be an especially good time to do this while you are at home as you can have the consultation by phone or Skype.

You may want to know what you should be eating and what to avoid. Knowing what supplements to take at this time can also be useful to support your immune health.

We can also help you find out if you are deficient in key nutrients such as vitamin D which is crucial for your immune function and this can be done with a simple finger prick test performed at home and then sent back to the lab. 

There are many nutritional tests that can still be done during this time because the sample can be collected at home – e.g. thyroid (finger prick), digestive stool tests, adrenal stress test (saliva), hormone test (urine), bone turnover test (urine).  Any tests can be discussed during your consultation.

Before your consultation, you will be sent a nutritional questionnaire and asked to complete and return it so we can see your full health history and what your goals are in terms of your health.

It is has already been shown that the healthier you are at the moment the more likely you are to recover easily if you get the coronavirus.

And it has been documented that people over 100 in good health have recovered from the virus. 

It is really important at a time like this to make sure you are as healthy and strong as you can be and that your immune system is ready to fight whatever battles it needs to.

We can help you support your health and immune system during these challenging times.  

To find out more or to book your consultation at a special price of just £97, phone 01892 515905 and
talk to my friendly reception team or just click link below:

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Wishing you the best of health,

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD

Please Note

There is limited availability for these consultations and spaces are likely to fill up very quickly. So you should book your place now while there’s still time.