Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis and Parasitology Test

Find out if you are digesting your food properly and if you have parasites

A simple stool test can uncover valuable information about your digestion. Think of your body as a finely tuned engine, and food as its fuel. If you are not completely digesting the foods you are eating and absorbing their nutrients, you’re not adequately fuelling your body. The lack of adequate fuel, or the inability to use it properly, can lead to a variety of health problems. Poor digestion or imbalances in your intestinal flora (‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria) can result in many symptoms, from annoying digestive complaints such as chronic constipation, bloating or wind (flatulence),to abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome.

The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) is a group of 25 tests performed on a stool sample (collected at home and then sent to the laboratory), revealing valuable information about your digestive health.

The CDSA evaluates:

  • Digestion of food molecules and absorption of nutrients
  • The presence of hidden yeast (e.g. candida) or bacterial infections
  • Intestinal flora balance
  • Intestinal immune function
  • Dietary fibre intake
  • The presence of parasites
So if you want to know how well your digestive system is working, this would be a good test for you to take.

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