Osteoporosis Bone Turnover Test (urine)

This simple urine test, (which is collected at home and then sent to the lab), measures how much your bone is turning over i.e. the rate at which you are losing bone.

Many women at the menopause are concerned about osteoporosis. As you get older, there may be a higher risk of you developing lower bone density which could result in hip and/or vertebral (spine) fractures.

Osteoporosis literally means porous bones, bones that are filled with tiny holes. In bones affected with osteoporosis, new bone formation does not keep up with bone loss (this is called bone turnover) which causes the bones to become more brittle.

In order for you to prevent or reduce the risk of osteoporosis, it is very important for you to discover the condition your bones are in now, and any potential future risk. A special non-invasive Bone Turnover Test has been developed for this purpose. This urine test assesses your bone turnover by measuring biochemical markers present in the urine that are excreted as bone breaks down. A higher level of bone resorption markers means higher bone turnover and higher bone loss. This test shows a dynamic picture of bone turnover and research has shown that high bone turnover can give a two fold increased risk of osteoporotic fractures.

The major benefit of bone turnover analysis compared to bone scans is that it can be used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. If you decide to take HRT or osteoporosis medication and/or start exercising and/or take supplements, this test can tell you whether your treatment is working. Bone turnover can be measured every three months and if what you are doing is effective, the bone turnover markers WILL go down.

There are effective, natural methods of preventing osteoporosis and helping with low bone density. Only when the current state of your bone health is known, can you be properly advised as to which treatment is appropriate and necessary for you. This test helps to give you that information.

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