Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

Find out if you have healthy sperm DNA

The success of a viable embryo depends to a certain extent on the genetic DNA of the egg and the sperm. The Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test is designed to check whether the DNA of the sperm is liable to fragmentation (the breaking down of some of the sperms DNA strands). There is always a small amount of DNA fragmentation in sperm but this can be overcome or repaired by the egg after fertilisation. However if the fragmentation is beyond a certain level, the repair process cannot compensate enough for the damage and normal embryonic development will stop, meaning that the pregnancy can’t continue.

A high level of fragmentation in sperm cells represents a cause of male infertility that a conventional semen analysis cannot detect. So a man may be told that his sperm is normal in terms of the count, motility and morphology but could have high levels of sperm DNA fragmentation. Results from the medical literature have confirmed that regardless of whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with the help of IUI or IVF, a high level of sperm DNA fragmentation will seriously compromise any possibility of a successful pregnancy.

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