This first week we will go through what you need to include…and what you should avoid…when it comes to your diet. I call this the Fertility Boosting Diet.

You’ll discover why you should choose organic food, and whether or not caffeine or alcohol makes a huge difference in your fertility.

One of the best parts about this week is you’ll discover how proper diet can also help you with common ailments such as tiredness, anxiety, depression, mood swings, irritability, digestive problems, headaches/migraines, food cravings, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness, and aggressive outbursts.

This could make a huge difference not only in your ability to get pregnant, but in your life in general.

Click on the video below to get started. You can make the video full screen by clicking the button with four diagnoal arrows on it, located on the right hand side of the video control bar.

Week 1 video

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  1. Getting Started - Your Diet and why it’s so important
  2. Supplements – Which To Take And Avoid To Maximise Your Chances of Pregnancy
  3. Testing Testing - Which Tests To Take – And If You Need Them
  4. Cookery Demos - How to Cook Foods That Can Help Boost Your Fertility
  5. Environmental and Occupational Hazards – And How To Avoid Them
  6. Q&A Session
  7. Female Hormone Imbalances - And What You Can Do About Them
  8. It’s All In The Timing
  9. Stress And Emotions – Practical Tips For Getting Them Under Control
  10. Assisted Conception ( IUI, IVF, ICSI)
  11. Weight And Fertility Issues For Men And Women
  12. Plan Of Action!