Don’t put your health at risk by unwittingly buying fake health supplements

An alarming story has recently appeared in Natural News, an American science and nutrition on-line publication, specialising in whistleblowing.

It states that Amazon, specifically Amazon.com, is selling counterfeit supplements to their unsuspecting and genuine customers.

It would appear not to be Amazon’s intention, merely an inability to adequately ‘police’ their third-party sellers.  Natural News is therefore recommending that buyers are aware that this activity is rife.

A third-party seller may seem genuine due to its high star rating but can still be selling counterfeit products, which in turn has enabled rogue suppliers to hi-jack Amazon’s counterfeit policy.  It, therefore, makes absolute sense to ensure you are buying from a brand name you know and trust.

The report also provides the following information for potential buyers:-

  • Counterfeit producers of nutritional supplements will use fake ingredients, which, naturally, will be cheaper than the real thing.  Therefore, these products will always be discounted and will often carry an Amazon recommendation based on the keen price.
  • These fake health supplements producers will also use a number of different brand or company names.  When one of their companies fails, they merely set up again under a different guise.
  • Customers can often misinterpret Amazon’s star rating system since it awards the rating to all identical products, regardless of whether they are genuine or fake.  It appears to be unable to disseminate between them

Natural News does, however, strongly state that Amazon is a widely celebrated and trusted organisation, which does not appear to be actively encouraging such behaviour. It just needs to find a better way of policing the problem.

Therefore, the advice is to be vigilant and to always buy from a brand name that you know and trust or directly from the supplement brand themselves and therefore your nutritional supplements will be bonafide.

And, of course, my advice is exactly the same.  Your health is too important to risk.

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