Childhood obesity is on the rise due to inactivity and poor diet so it is even more important to feed your children with wholesome food. Top tips to keep you children healthy and happy is to give a well balanced diet including fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and minimal sugar. Babies are not born with a sweet tooth so don’t give them sugar!

The odd cake or biscuit as a treat is acceptable but continued exposure to sugary foods leads to weight gain and dental caries. Give natural yogurt rather than fruit based as these are loaded with sugar. Make food fun and encourage your children to help in the kitchen as it will help develop their taste for home cooked food.

If budget is an issue frozen vegetables especially peas and spinach are particularly nutritious and frozen sweetcorn is naturally sweet. My 2 year old daughter has frozen sweetcorn straight from the freezer as one of her treats! As a parent it is up to you to feed your children well as this will put them in good stead for the future and instill good eating habits.

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