My partner and I are trying to conceive – are there any foods that help fertility?

Nuts and seeds are good sources of essential fats which help regulate hormone levels and improve sperm quality.  Nuts are also a good source of zinc which is the most important nutrient for both male and female fertility.  Other good sources of zinc include dried fruit and whole grains.

All fruit and vegetables contain abundant quantities of antioxidants for healthy eggs and sperm.

Green Leafy Vegetables: These vegetables contain good levels of the B vitamins and folic acid which are important for fertility and preventing spina bifida.

Avocados: Sunflower oil, nuts and seeds and avocados contain high levels of vitamin E, which helps to protect the egg and sperm from damage.

Beans: Protein is essential for your fertility because gives your body the even supply of amino acids it needs to build and repair cells and manufacture sex hormones. Other good sources of protein include quinoa, nuts, seeds.

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Article featured in the May 2012 issue of Cook Vegetarian!