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Beware of fake health supplements on Amazon!

Don’t put your health at risk by unwittingly buying fake health supplements An alarming story has recently appeared in Natural News, an American science and nutrition on-line publication, specialising in whistleblowing. It states that Amazon, specifically Amazon.com, is selling counterfeit …
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What is vaginal thrush?

How to avoid Vaginal Thrush, why it can happen and if you have it, how to get rid of the problem using natural treatments and a change in diet. Vaginal thrush affects millions of women during their lifetime and many …
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Why are women developing health problems?

Is their health deteriorating, and if so why are they developing health problems? Women may be living longer than previous generations but the important factor is quality rather than quantity.  Statistics show that women’s major health problems are on the …
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Can lifestyle changes reduce our risk of getting Cancer?

We each have a unique set of genes and family history that might make us more susceptible to certain diseases such as cancer, but diet and lifestyle changes can reduce our risk of getting these diseases.  We tend to think …
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Reducing the risk of Cancer with dietary changes

According to the World Cancer Research Fund in 2009, 40% of all cancers could be prevented by changes in diet and lifestyle and only 5% are actually due to a genetic disposition.  Recommendations from the WCRF include avoiding sugary drinks …
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The health benefits of drinking tea

A study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that tea is a healthier drink even compared to plain water.  Tea seems to rehydrate the body as well as water but it also contains antioxidants, which are generally …
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How to avoid a Monday Morning Hangover

The fastest way to help the body recover from the effects of a hangover caused by alcohol, rich food and late nights, is to support your body’s detoxification process, restore your blood sugar balance and combat dehydration. A whole variety of foods …
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Could stomach cramps be stress related?

I get stomach cramps just after lunch, but only when I’m at work – could this be stress-related? I think it is definitely stress related.  When your body is under stress, the energy necessary for digestion is diverted elsewhere so …
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How can a daily supplement improve heart health?

We generate free radicals through the natural process of living and breathing but we also inhale, absorb and digest them as well. Free radicals come from environmental pollutants, radiation, pesticides, preservatives, cigarettes and car fumes. Free radical damage has been …
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